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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2018 3:00pm-3:59pm CET

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risk of slow and buffer zone for lifetime it that's because this is perhaps a more personal type of question i'd like to ask you he looks over the last few months things have been a bit difficult you've been involved in difficult negotiations very close like the pros and from my own perspective and i'm they don't want us and i think that. this is something that we learn from all these phases. so given the problems we've all of course had experiences with this can i ask you what have you actually learn from what is happening the last few weeks that while we haven't yet brought those negotiations to a close well patience has proved to be of the essence. and that was one thing that i've become increasingly aware of is that people always say well you need a stable government i think and once you thought this through i think i've actually
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thought this through even more much more intensively than in the past i am now convinced even more that it's the most important for the capacity of the country politically i'm very glad to be here but i think i usually concentrate much more on me how much change is cheering one month how many things are happening and such a commitment for short time and how fast time loose these days and if a country wants to give a contribution to globalisation it has to be actually capable of actions. of around the clock or that the basis for a coalition agreement chance have been established and your partner speedy. signed off on this agreement last week and i think that we can look at the future with a degree of optimism and we would like to wish you for the final stretch all the very best. and we are there. to support you as we have over the last
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few years thank you mitt that is don't pity me. for the linnet yes we learn from you. risk of quote the thank you very much and it's been a pleasure to be with you today thank. you watching the dog news coming to you live from berlin we've just been listening to trance thang love america. speaking at the davos summit she was being questioned by the founder of the world economic forum professor klaus schwab and before that she made an address to delegates there and this thing to her address was our correspondent christopher caldwell who's standing by for us in davos what were the means once of mecca's speech to start the wide ranging address what struck you most about what she had to say. well i mean i was impressed by. american reference to history in the year that marks the hundred and
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a verse or the end of world war one she said we the generation that is living now need to prove that we have learned our lesson we have learned our lesson how to overcome problems and not stumble into conflict and despair again and key aspects to overcoming problems on the american said it's called operation is multi-lateralism is working together on a wide range of subjects you mentioned it that she touched upon saying europe for that matter needs to get its act together needs to form economic union needs to come up with a coherent common european foreign policy needs to strengthen its borders its its external border it's on the one hand but also needs to be open to collaboration with. europe countries beyond europe sporters so it has been
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a wide range of topics that the german chancellor touch upon but she says we need to learn our lesson from history and we need to show that we have learned this lesson and of course he was touching on the overarching theme off this summit which is creating a shared a future and a fraction well do you think what she said actually met the expectations of the delegates at the world economic forum in davos. yes i believe so because she was not only focused on germany or on a specific economic topic for that matter she did touch several issues as i mentioned economic issues political issues the topic of foreign policy and i think it is it is a coherent approach it is a common approach that people want to hear about here and it will be interesting to see if the remarks that the chancellor made for for one reason will resonate with
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the people here and also will be met by the french president a monolith mccraw who is due to speak here later ron christie with colbert in done well thank you very much for bringing us up to did with the latest from what chancellor angela merkel has been telling delegates that. well to fill a wide ranging speech as we heard from christoph in davos from time to answer i'm going to mecca i want to first get your initial thoughts on what you made of what he said it was tough that you simon she touched on a lot of political subjects what do you think was the key message when it was a fascinating speech it was billed of course is a speech about europe we had thought she was really going to focus on this idea of a president macross energy going into european reforms and so on but it went way beyond europe didn't it she talked about africa as well a very important moment there i think where she said for me personally it's very important to get our relationship with africa right that was interesting and of
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course this theme that went right through the speech of multilateralism is christoph was saying they're saying that you know multi-lateralism is her instinct in every situation and interestingly also this term patience kept coming up how do you deal with multilateral talks at european level on the global stage she was asked i'm patient how do you deal with coalition talks it back in berlin and patience and stability keep on chipping away because it's a difficult way to go in politics but in the end you get there she says that mechanism if you like right there in a nutshell i mean in fact this is the office so much of pressure here in germany with a coalition talks it was really great to see her still strong and energetic on the it stayed in adama's i believe talking about multilateralism we have a little except from well on what she said about lottery letters and i suggest we take a listen to that. we know that there are national ecosystems we see populism on the rise we see in many states a polarizing atmosphere and
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a polarized state of affairs how many people seem to worry wilmont to naturalism actually find an answer to tackling the problems that people have that mankind has in a fan equitable way indeed and also if we look at the great challenge of the disruptive changes of that technology want to technology office this digital change many people seem to doubt that in many countries so guess how this is turning to you now what was your key takeaway from method speech he did touch on the economy a fair bit steering her address that if she did but i agree with simon the important thing here really was that the you could get the impression that was the president of european commission speaking that he only briefly touched on on the german economic issues basically pointing to eleven years of brose germany all the way to full employment and all that but immediately sort of turned that down again
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by saying what digitally we're nowhere we're behind stresses like estonia and then forced through the idea of that only in the european context places it is successful places like germany countries like germany can thrive and that she has great hope for initiatives that she is set up with. as the initiative on social intelligence that she mentioned also to make the tax systems more more competitive all that can only be done inside europe and together with one of the key allies of an omaha on the set and she of course slipped in the fact that germany's had solid economic growth for eleven years and it's financially doing extremely well but she also spoke out against protectionism and we have a little excerpt on what she said about that if they can listen. germany wishes to be a country that would lend its contribution also in future to solve the problems of the world together we think that shutting ourselves off against the rest of the
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world isolating ourselves will not lead us into a good future protectionism is not the proper answer and we believe that if we are of the opinion that things are simply not fair that there is no resupply city that then we have to seek multilateral answers to this and not pursue a unilateral protectionist course. so again martin lotteries i'm very much a part of first speech a message that she projected on the west is at a davos sir and she also talked a lot about the need of the european union to work together in terms of policy especially she talked about foreign policy defense policy finances that absolutely she really works across the whole agenda talking about continuing the banking union the capital market union having the right response of course to brics it which you
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mentioned a couple of times regretting breaks it saying of course that europe will not compromise on its key principle of freedom of movement but as you say she got to she was much more sort of global in statesman like even than that talking about how important it is for the for the e.u. to have a common foreign policy to be able to send a common united message to countries like china she said specifically how important it is in this globalized world and she even reached a certain statesman like tone i would say that's a little bit unusual for she she said we remember the roman empire and the great wall of china you know even in those days it was important for lauds multinational or global blocs to have good relations with the rest of the world because the other way you end up with isolationism protectionism and she even made the link through to populism in the populist movements that we see around europe today so a fascinating sort of review by angela merkel of world of and it was of the drift
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and of importance she laid on europe must be competitive to deal with countries like china like india and she also talked what's all the challenges that you know one of the key challenges she found of cause or mentioned was of course the lack in digitise ations demands she's worried about the fact that large u.s. corporations problems remember places like facebook and google and amazon are merely monopolizing. the marketplace the digital marketplace even here in europe and he said that data is one of the new currencies information about customers new cars it kanzi and that the e.u. has to get its act together and to decide how to deal with it whether to join in whether to regulate stronger whatever there needs to be done but it has to be a european solution exactly and she was also there let's talk a little bit about going to jail in politics because klaus tell us are a couple of questions about the rise of right wing extremism in europe and she
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deflects specially to examine it to give some answers as to why she thought that was the case why iraqi extremism was on the rise in germany that's right was she focused in particular she said that what creates populism often is a sense of crisis people feel that the world is falling apart they don't know where they fifteen and she mentioned twice the two key causes of the current wave of populism namely the euro crisis and obviously that's something that's affected confidence not just in mediterranean countries where they've seen economic trouble but also in germany as well where people have become worried about you know the euros in their pockets and the other thing of course the migration question and she mentioned africa as a source of migration and that's why again she said it's important that europe looks to its neighboring continent looks to stabilizing it looks to support whatever it can in the way of economic development there but of course you also
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mentioned islam is terrorism and the situation in the middle east as a as an an area where europe needs a good external defense and security policy and again speaking with one voice to on a complex challenge exactly did this surprise me that she made this direct connection between refugees and the econd and the writing it streams in the she talked about this perception among people that they felt something was being taken away from them because refugees had come and that is an interesting point she made but let's listen to a little bit about what she had to say about a foreign policy american on foreign policy in davos. f.i.o.s. somehow threshold we have this shiite emission on our threshold and africa is very close to us syria is the neighbor of cyprus so far the fact that year in its foreign policy has not been all that active in the past we've quite often relied as regards our security on the united states of america but now they
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concentrate on themselves and their own security all of that needs to tell us a lesson we need to take more responsibility. we need to take our destiny into and that's what we did by forging this new defense cooperation and also looking more and the challenges of migration we know there are still differences of opinion and differences of approach within the union on this but we'll continue to work on this. but to take destino in the hands is what she said and i want to get some final comments from both of you she was asked about the coalition talks and she said something she asked even you know cross your fingers for me that the coalition talks go where a final comment from you simon on what mechelle had to say well as i say a hugely wide ranging speech with personal moments just all a question of borders and migration i thought was a very frank moment where she said you know we didn't actually think when we set up the internal freedom of movement in europe about the xtal borders why didn't we
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think people will say how was a possible well we just felt safe she said so so even though you see into the mind of variability and very much the european states woman much less the german chancellor their first run businesses some of the other from our political desk thank you both very much for others are analyzing chancellor angela merkel speech in davos with me here in the studio. if you're just joining us you're watching the dub the news coming to you live from berlin and let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world meanwhile says it's preparing a reception camps for the gradual return of muslim rohingya refugees who fled to neighboring bung of this because of a military crackdown in the buddhist majority country bonga this is it too is preparing for the transfer but it has warned it might need more time. the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in afghanistan gunmen stormed an office of save the children aid
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agency india of grand city of jalalabad two people were killed and twenty others injured when the militants battle security forces would surrounded the building the british based charity has suspended its operation in afghanistan. police in pakistan have arrested a twenty four year old man suspected of being a serial killer responsible for the rape and murder of a seven year old girl the case has sparked nationwide protests over allegations of government inaction police said the suspect had been friends to the girl's murder and his d.n.a. matched samples found on her body. to conservatives car bombs detonated near a mosque in the libyan city of been ganti on tuesday killing at least thirty three people and injuring dozens more the attack happened as worshippers believe in the mosque many security officials were among the casualties they're believed to have
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been the target of the attack. that killed another turkey where president. says you can expand the country's military offensive in northern syria to take the town of bitch it's a clear in simply a defiance of international concern about his operation targeting kurdish groups which uncorrupt has labeled as terrorists the result more heavy fighting with no end in sight. the turkish townhouse is only a few kilometers away from the fighting come back to brock and his friends are discussing turkey's operational if branch nobody here believes in a swift victory. we don't know the area around our freedom well so we cannot really say how long it will take but yes it may take a long time. to sink.
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possibly a month that's what i think but i'm not a soldier. tuckey's military is continuing its operation was no reduction in intensity all day tanks. aiming across the board members of the protest free syrian army marching towards the afrin region they are supporting takesh troops in the operation against the syrian kaddish militia groups . and they are a lot more optimistic than the texan has. i'm afraid will take a frame and succeed in this operation within the next couple of days. with god's help we will conquer offering everybody the law. according to the latest figures from the syrian observatory for human rights the war has sorry for more than one hundred lives more than twenty to be civilians the
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turkish president joined a funeral on tuesday for a soldier killed the previous day ad one dismissed international criticism of the offensive saying the situation at hand means it's not possible to listen to every country's take. these are pictures filmed by the kut ish militia group. technician media report that fighting between the the turkish army and its allies is intensifying in the direction of offering. turkey claims a threat is growing at its. for considers the y.p. g. to be the syrian faction of the p.k. k. which actually sees as a terror group reacting to attack u.s. military attacks in recent days the why p.g. has shelled texas border towns claiming civilian lives while many techs were you for it at the start the mood has now changed. no war is easy neither for soldiers nor. for civilians you know what i must not have. quality but over you
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both sides of the border fear what operational if branch could still bring. is in istanbul and joins me now from there through the turkish president has spoken out saying that he is ready to target syria's model bridges that know what is the significance of this for the military operation. for the turkish forces they say it is key is part of their efforts to remove what they say is his tariff right on the southern border of syria but for nato it is a nightmare scenario because a large number of u.s. soldiers are believed to be deployed in mom bitch and this brings a threat of a confrontation between turkish forces and the united states although picky both started their p. prime minister of the ruling party said this played down those fears saying it was only a remote possibility of mom bitch is a very important town because for the united states it allows them to exercise
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control over iraq which is the key city in the region so there is the potential of a major confrontation there and i think that is what all of nato allies are trying to avoid and don't do it on its head or to speak for a u.s. president today the u.s. has been supporting the y.b. militia who are being targeted by turkey now one of the expectations of this conversation. i think in many ways this conversation is probably the most important since turkey has launched this operation into our friend in this conflict is as much about turkey's anger at the united states over its support of the white peachy and particular its announcement of creating a thirty thousand strong. with the white peachy which has triggered this crisis now preserve the earth one does believe according to sources in the palace he does have a good relation or potentially a good relationship with donald trump he need put a lot of store on these telephone conversations with world leaders
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a position of advisors i spoken to in the palace they say the real problem with turkish u.s. relations isn't between the two presidents but more people around all the time particularly former military generals who hold great sway in the white house they are seen as a problem probably earth wants to believe that if he can have a conversation with trump possibly they can strike a deal worth one thousand like to make deals with leaders and if if there is a possibility of defusing this crisis it could be this conversation if that conversation fails it could well determine that turkey to continue its operations into the rest of syria. earlier this week the russian president hinges on the roar of russia in this conflict and how it pans out. well this operation of turkey could only have happened with the permission of russia russia controls the airspace in syria and turkey is relying very heavily on air support for this operation to moscow was the one that allowed this operation to go ahead and going forward moscow's corp is seen as key so moscow's too has
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a major player in this ongoing conflict but there will be concerns in moscow if turkey continues to expand its operation too far then that there will be the fear that turkey has too much influence and it brings the possibility of clashes with the damascus regime and even possibly iran will be unnerved by a growing presence of turkey in syria doing deals in istanbul thank you very much for that assessment. you're watching the devon news coming up ahead cape town is rapidly running out of work to after more than two years of drought really rain coming time to prevent a shutdown of one but essential supplies in south africa's second largest city. but first back to get more from the davos summit that's right the giants a world economic forum there it is not just the chancellor angela merkel addressing the crowds that there's a strong european focus in the swiss alps today france's model mccraw as you'd speak later and earlier today it was spain's king philip it who took to the stage
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he delivered a message that increasingly puts europe at all what the united states the u. is open for business and wants to preserve free trade. a sunny day in davos as europe takes center stage king philippe the sixth of spain began proceedings campaigning for european unity not so long after his country was a symbol of the deep economic divide running through the. in short we can state that spain now has a very competitive economy and represents an outstanding investment opportunity despite being a cause for concern in their european union just a few years ago today spain is driving growth and making a positive contribution to the consolidation and strengthening of the european union europe is open to all that's the message the spanish king was trying to send especially to those who are decidedly more inward looking like the u.s.
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delegation which is right ahead of president donald trump who is to later but the country's treasury secretary is already laying the groundwork for his boss is going to be terrific or we have a great story to tell while two important meetings we couldn't be happier to be here with us here in the briefing room well with the president talk about that but it's really all about economic growth opportunities to invest in free and fair trade. so we're looking forward to a very careful not everyone is as enthusiastic anti-capitalist protests broke out in zurich late tuesday night mainly to register disapproval about trump's impending is that. us go straight over to davos correspondent christopher cowen standing by first of all about has just finished his speech a few minutes ago to me it sounded more like the speech of a president of europe than one of the german chancellor what was your impression.
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at the same oppression guard the german chancellor touching a wide range of topics in her speech mainly focusing on the fact that europe needs to get its act together europe needs to have a coherent common idea of how to move forward and that includes an economic vision there needs to be a banking union the chancellor stressed there needs to be a common european foreign policy the need to be strong external borders at the same time europe needs to collaborate with countries outside of its borders so yes she did touch a lot of topics but the main theme is multilateral multi-lateralism call aberration working together that is what will bring the world forward because of what do you think was the key message to business that. i think the key message to business is that multilateralism is the word here. states
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governments companies all of us need to work together in order to face the challenges of the world and she said and by and by that obviously i think she she found some open ears among the business crowd many of the people here in davos our program of allies ation pro multilateralism pro working together and the chancellor also touched on the on the very hot topic of digitalisation saying society and business needs to work together in order to take as many people on this right and this challenge with them so yes this were the resonating topics of the german chancellor. prerogative and aggressive daring and often dr. these are the works of gail fosler. one of the great artists of our time. this
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unconventional and old tensions painter isn't afraid to turn beyond well to tend. to paint consulate's times eighteen. to forty five minutes. blood. and the use mounted slander. me. to. the money. he takes it personally i do read it with
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a little bit wonderful people in stories that make the game show special. for all true for. more than a foot long line circle of fear. g.w. correspondent you're in russia joe is in chechnya. islamic state has recruited more young people here isn't anywhere else. and more and more children fighters are no returning home they're both respected and feared. how will this affect chechen society the. circle of fear she gave on g.w. news. the washington deputy ascribing to you live from berlin i'm going to have a company on top stories john john so i know america has still the roddick anomic forum in davos up protectionism is not the answer to the ones problems she also
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stressed germany's commitment to creating a european single market for digital services. and turkey says it expands its offensive inside northern syria as it confronts scottish groups it accuses of terrorism that's. despite courts for restraint by the international community. turning now to south africa where the cape region is in the grip of the longest drought in living memory since two thousand and fifteen the area has seen no substantial rain and none is expected before may or june water is already being rationed and the authorities say they have to cut off all supplies for non-essential use but. a lack of rainfall in cape town is making south africans very nervous water in the city's main reservoir the teva kloof dam is down to thirty percent capacity the situation is much better at other
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reservoirs cape town has imposed a level six alert level six is the next step that we're taking it to. people most significantly less than eighty seven liters per person per day anyone who exceeds the amount of water permitted for each household faces severe penalties that's why a growing number of people are getting their water from public reservoirs so it doesn't change their water meter readings. i've seen some fights happening here and this is before day zero so i can imagine people get quite upset when there's no water. it seems like a paradox that the metropolis on the atlantic coast is slowly running out of water but cape town doesn't have a diesel anation plant tourists are being asked to save water too it's currently high season and public showers are being switched off at the beach apart from that there are no real restrictions for visitors. by contrast agriculture has been very
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hard hit the water shortage means many fields can no longer be cultivated the latest alert means farmers must cut their water usage by sixty percent based on their consumption before the drought began johann ester who's a gross fruit in the western cape where he's had to cut down some trees in order to save the rest on the rotten saudis and other. perfectly producing orchard. i decided. to operate. because of the water shortage shortage and you know it's not that easy decision to mike there's no improvement in sight all eyes are on the to voters closed down if the water supply sinks below thirteen point five percent capacity cape town will be forced to turn off almost all its taps experts are dubbing it daisy they warn it could happen by the end of april. it was indeed news coming to life from berlin
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still to come protesting politics with music a british big band is making its way across europe they're hoping to reach out to some of britain's soon to be less accessible friends. the list it began as a hombres joke a group of young russian cadets taking a break from the daily chores to lighten the mood a fifty year old club hit and some daring don supposed but when a video of the gag went viral the government wasn't laughing. joins me now for the story for how froehlich to frown at one of russia's most prestigious aviation schools welcome fredricka from a social media this what happened i mean you have to see the video to understand it so let's bring the video in. just. this. is. just. so i'm
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rita the students are dancing to d.j. ben even after the two thousand and two club hit satisfactions it's a parody of the original music music video which instead of men features scantily clad women we'll do construction tools and as soon as this video hits a russian social media it went viral with millions of views but of course we're in a conservative country where homosexuality is not tolerated so this has sparked outrage especially among authorities and now that's because also not just because the guys are happening while dancing but also because they're wearing their official pilot hats so that the media has also been accused of being insulting towards the union as a lack of respect for the uniform and all those little things a lot of outraged but didn't anyone get the joke it looked really funny yes and i think that's what many people thought out there and now we're seeing that the dance
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has become a new. all over the internet in the region and we're seeing a lot of russian people posting their own satisfaction videos to the internet using the hashtag satisfaction challenge and this is a group of. very wearing. costumes we have a mom i you know there so that's really funny as well and then we have the russian women's and national media pulling team and this is hope also of course cross the border and we see here the ukrainian streaming team they also posted their own satisfaction video now the figure is also being featured by state media and all of this support coming from different parts of russia has probably helped to soften the position of authority is at the beginning they said that the students might face expulsion now they seem to have reconsidered their position and they say we've seen the government the local governor saying that they should they should be
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punished but they should not be exposed expelled by the school from the school because that would not add to the patriotism and bringing of the students glove thank god the still a bit of sense of fun in the world so big a budget for most social media this thank you very much. and welcome back to the top is a story well because of a forum in davos where gender equality has emerged as a top issue with canadian solutions and closing the gender gap. no matter how you look at it there are still far more men than women and davos but something's changing and not just the numbers the forum is discussing topics like harassment power and injustice more intensely than ever before the seven high profile women
3:37 pm
co-chairing the world economic forum are a symbol of change but many women in davos feel things need to progress further and faster. we can make sure that all girls get access to quality education that will be a huge step for these girls and also we need to make sure that no children get married as you get girls and science and technology and take away the stigma that girls are not skilled at these disciplines and take away the fear that many girls that they're not qualified are capable of engaging in these disciplines to close it gender god we need to tackle economic inequality because all these gnomes in society that justify inequality between men and women that justify violence against women are already intended to put women in the opposition and exploits them economy because i think we need to understand the value that living with people not just going for but also in the generations trance what they've done for the world
3:38 pm
in terms of the workforce that they bring to the table in terms of the intellectual capital in terms of the nurturing the caregiving the deployed to the world i think that's the unique thing about women taking action is more important than africa studies show women have the most to lose from globalization. from the summit was our very own that joins us now. how much progress are women actually making in the business world is there any figure you can put to it. well it is being championed here that women do need to continue to make that process progress there are seven female coach as at the world economic forum forum for the first one policy change you can make it is high our women promote women and retain women in the workplace justin trudeau said that by twenty twenty five that would add over one hundred
3:39 pm
billion u.s. dollars to the canadian economy alone. isn't it also about education isn't it also about getting more girls involved in scientific education it absolutely is and stem is being talked a lot about here is science technology engineering and mathematics making sure that women feel empowered and have the opportunities to study in these areas bearing in mind that will add around thirty percent of new jobs to the workforce we're talking about two hundred billion u.s. dollars to the global economy and times of opportunities opening up in these positions at the moment and that will also certainly help the majority of the population whether at the industrial fourth industrial revolution as well bearing in mind that the world economic forum estimates that a third of all jobs could be a raised through to my zation own home for the world economic forum in davos for
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us thank you european union hit us to make a giant qualcomm with close to a billion euros and on to trust penalties nine hundred ninety seven million to be exact the us compared a competition commission are going to start this at the make up paid key customer to use its chip chips its two civilian i phones and bypass that binds wacom managed to illegally shot of rivals from the market for l.t.e. baseband chipsets for at least five years ensuring its own market dominance. well here in berlin where a new airport has now taken twelve years to build and still isn't ready maybe we could take a leaf from a chinese construction unit that built a whole section of railway in just one single minute. at six thirty pm construction began. fifteen hundred workers with twenty three decus what nonstop throughout the night laying trucks and installing signals. when we
3:41 pm
divided the workers into units little seven groups worked on different tossed simle tamia slayed until a section was complete in just less than nine hours it's part of a two hundred fifty kilometer greet that will connect the south east of the country with central china that should be in operation by the end of the good. us right now spots are into with some sports news finally thank you very much. in soccer you if i have drawn the groups for the inaugural nations league which will kick off in september of this year and meet a side germany as have been drawn against france of the netherlands in group one for the juicy encompassing england base spain and portugal take on italy the winners of the four league aid groups at vons to a knockout stage which will decide the winner of the first nations lee.
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joining me now from moscow says is pablo fully fully any of us thank you very much for joining me i haven't understood what is this all about what is this new league that they're talking about it's quite confusing to say the least has a come about well first and foremost i think that's where we should start now michel platini of course us the former u.s. president who is actually buying from football of ministration by the thief ethics committee a couple of years ago it was his idea and basically the idea behind it was to replace what have been described as meaningless friendly's because often between torments you have these big games between say teams like germany taking the actions dying or you know i'm but it's in many ways it gave players who hadn't really had a chance to play in the national team an opportunity and it also gave the coaches to basically maybe top it so perhaps we might not see the rotation that we saw previously with players i'm formations in the squads so it's bringing in a whole new level for the teams across here so how would it work then because the
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new one had system or team playing against a giant and get some kind of experience in this new system how it's complicated how's it going to go and it is complicated i'm sure you know are you ready for this ok right so there are forty there for leagues and we'll call them a b. c. and d. ok and within those leagues there are four groups and the way they've distributed to groups from a to d. is based on the rankings right the rankings at the moment so from one to fifty five or so in group a to make this easy you've got the first twelve the top twelve teams in the rankings and they're in one group and they then are as i said before it divided into four groups and that's the way it works through right the a b. c. and d. then also there's an important thing to remember is that between a and d. four teams can be relegated from a b. and so on and so forth so their kids is a relegation and promotion process very much the way we would see it in sort of a league in say germany and the bull in this league. in spain or in england or so
3:44 pm
on so that's sort of the guts of it and then what happens is the winners the group winners in will say group of the top twelve teams and they will then so each winner of each individual group the four will play off to become the u.a.e. nations league winner and that's in a knockout foremast of last year i hope know how to. do it and then there are four teams from each league a two d. who will go off and play in a playoff tournament. to play in the uro's which of let's not forget is already in place is already another tournament that we're already familiar with so that's essentially the guts of this new system ok not in the germany have joined it with the frogs and yeah so surely that would make for some exciting football or get them just a kind of a boring farewell you can say i mean you could call it a boring friendly but i mean it anyways or like we've seen there's been some really exciting ag groups come out of this now we've seen spain england in croatia that's
3:45 pm
going to be a great affair then of course germany take on france and the netherlands and then there's the other big you know you've got plenty of other big teams as well who are going to be playing to the interesting thing is you've got down and lower at the lower levels group you know the league will call it you've got teams of gibraltar the faroe islands and they have a chance of at some point qualifying to play in the euros so exciting times big changes some cases big changes exciting times and i think i need a private tutorial to explain that i want to get overwhelming you and everyone else to. put it is from us thank you very much but i read. a king switching away from football and despite the ban the upcoming from the upcoming olympics the russian olympic committee's official clothing supplier unveiled the athletes' uniforms on monday the international olympic committee has left the door open for russian athletes with a key duping history to compete under an olympic flag keeping with their status of
3:46 pm
new crews the athletes will suit up in these predominantly greek uniforms and instead of the distinct russian insignia the outfits will carry a little bit the words. athletes from russia. ok more sports return to tennis and the australian open despite a slow start drug offender has won his quarter final against a must dead fish in straight sets and he faced the unseated south korean show on chill chills amazing run in the melbourne and melbourne continues as the soft american tennis grin to reach his fullest ever grand slam seven final germany's anjan the cab brushed aside madison kings to reach the last forty eight straight and open the form of world number one is back to her winning ways after a torrid two thousand and seventeen season kevin will face a women's top seed simona high left in the next round off the remaining one in
3:47 pm
straight sets over catalina to school. and. now britain's exit from the european union may be looming but some british artists have decided they want to be leaving the e.u. without a fight among them a group calling themselves the brags that big band. should be musicians are chilly chill chest against dreg and they'll be collaborating with this film every e.u. member state. and david leavitt's from la concha desk is here to tell us will welcome david so whose idea was this well this is the latest baby by experimental british musician matthew herbert and he's got a lot of pretty wild projects under his belt already including an eight minute
3:48 pm
electronic music track that samples sounds of death occasion actually made an album called one pig that was about the life of a pig and sampled the sounds of a pig's life from birth to death to plate so this project is very different especially in sound it's a lot more brassy and sound in those projects and it's of course a lot more political let's have another look and listen. when broke to happen it was such a big shock and i felt i had to do some thing. just british musician matthew headbutt is to ring across europe with his brakes it big band on their way the band plans to collaborate with musicians from every e.u.
3:49 pm
country they want audiences to not just listen to their music but the political message behind it. there's no joy at all in the government that we have they've got no imagination of them how can we make this world worse on her let's do this and then trying really hard to make it happen so and i don't want other people to think i don't want my friends in europe or strangers to that much in your to think that's the only vision of britain because britain is definitely like that but there's another bit as well which is not like that at all which is about tolerance and compassion and love and imagination. and the drama of breaks it is a right subject for performance matthew herbert's evolving protest uses song electronic music and audience participation ever so when we did the concert
3:50 pm
in london. we were got everyone to write a message for europe and make it into a paper airplane throw to the stage. and now we've got those messages and we'll throw them back to you guys safe and then you can write some messages to us and then throw backs. so that's one thing we have a message. on the white keys of mourning. the band is not about brings that reaction to it by reaching out across the continent to briggs big band types to bring out a message of friendship and joy. so get do you find a light hearted stuff for a subject many thought to be actually very seriously yet that's actually been a point of criticism now matthew herbert says that every revolution needs optimism there is some criticism in the lyrics they also rip up copies of the daily mail
3:51 pm
newspaper the program pro brags that newspaper for instance to create percussion so there is criticism there now have. been responding to it well most of the artists in the u.k. as you already know i can imagine are pretty and he brags that one of the most famous ones is banksy. he painted this mural in dover and pro brags it territory it shows a guy chipping a star out of the new flag and another big name another big british artist mick jagger has said his latest music is inspired by the anxiety of bragg's and their ego make jagger and the song england last she sings i went to find him when it wasn't there i think i lost it in the back of my chair. wow. elton john is another big brags that opponent he's back in the news today for a very different reason i mean some really was coming out about it in john tell us what they have what nothing is certain yet but it does very much look like he may
3:52 pm
be announcing has we're tyrant today that's what the daily mail is reporting now john himself only says he's made a decision about where his future lies is published and says he's going to be making a big announcement at an event in london this evening we're keeping an eye on those maybe that's what it is maybe he's running for office we just have to wait and see he got imagine he would tell you david leavitt's michael today thank you very much john rita. now friends are sometimes described as reserved and quiet and statistics show that in the dark winter months a significant proportion of its population for them to depression and that's what makes a discovery that friends are keen arrow kissing goes all the more surprising as this report shows. if you can't make it big on the big stage then maybe it's time to try the karaoke bar and here in the finished capitol hill thinking just like in most major cities around the world there are plenty of places
3:53 pm
for one to be singers to shine. and even in supposedly quiet places like this one in finland libraries are often seen as cultural centers and some are trying something different. than the. who. will remember the good. it's very popular i think it was an insult in some cases to rule as a bald one monkey not so you have to worry already we have a room room for this song called so it doesn't really. bother costa most of this live been a helsinki is the only one of its kind to date for the singers here karaoke is more than just a way to pass the time south on days i did my you have you never showed too much
3:54 pm
emotion the singing was always good to be able to express your feelings yet at the time us and all of us i love singing i love singing and it's a great opportunity to meet so good friends here i think. so let me ask you. in some places this even karaoke in the bathroom. of the. day your home or. the baby where supreme all the signs so that when we want to leave it be in the spotlight that. it's dark here all the time yeah it's a refresh so. what's a few bum notes when on a dark winter's night a stage like this can bring such joy. to recover fight off sorry german chancellor angela merkel has told the world economic forum in davos that protectionism is not the onsets there was problems she also stressed jilly's commitment to creating
3:55 pm
a single european market for digital services. more coming up in a few minutes i bet. the be. a him in. the be. the be. the moment the. the. the a. the a.
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this is the dubliners line from the europe take center stage in the swiss alps germany's chancellor tells the world economic forum that protectionism is not the arms of the world's problems i'm going to muffle also stressed the need for europe to create a single mom fit for a digital and she also on the program. to a few steps up the pressure in its fight to clear kurdish militias away from its border with.


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